Thursday, November 24, 2011


YES! I have created a new blog. But I haven't finished making it look like one. SO, it might take a while! ;( Well, anyways, here's the site to my cupcake blog:
There you go! :D

Here is a Drawing of a Cupcake

I promised to show you guys one didn't I?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Guess WHAT?? :^)

Searched cupcakes cartoon

     Guess what?!??!!?! Hehe, I think I'm gonna make another blog. NO, not like make a new blog and ditch this awesome one. It's gonna be about... CUPCAKESSSS!! :OOOO OMG! SO EXCITED~~!!! YESSHHH!! FINALLY!! At least I can do SOMETHING with cupcakes! Blog about them!! Hey, remember, this is a MIGHT. So, I'll tell you when I have created it. :) MAYBE. Umm, anything else to say? I think so... OH YEA! Don't worry, I will still go back and forth with both blogs! :D
     BTW, I'm SO obbessed with cupcakes that I have even drawn some! :O I will show you... the NEXT blog post! I promise! :D


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Cupcakes... Yummmm...... :3

     Who could resist the mouth watering fulfilling cupcakes?? I know I can't. If only I can bake them! :(
Yes I know. STILL in the cupcake phase. :D I mean who wouldn't be???? Anyone? Those who agree say I? Ahaha. Well let's see... As I was saying, I think I'm gonna make a poll about cupcakes. YEP! I'm gonna do that RIGHT now! I don't think anyone is gonna actually vote or anything... Well, we'll see! ;) That reminds me, I'm going to start making a list of ideas for what to ask! YAY! More polls! :D Well, I better get going dudes and dudets! Blog ya later! :) :D :P

Friday, October 21, 2011


I am truly sorry for the, "The Cupcake Phase". The blog post was about the whole page. JKJKKJK. But a little too much right? xD Well, just to let you know, I will be trying to add pictures to make this blog look less informational.

The Cupcake Phase

Yes... I'm in this cupcake phase... >.< Even though I can't, and haven't baked cupcakes a lot. But how is that possible? Well, lemme tell you the beginning of it...
First of all, I always for some reason, liked cooking. I wanted to be a chef at a point. But not that big of it. I still like cooking, though I didn't do much... I cut things, and fill cups, and hmm... what else? Uhh... well in my family, VERY LITTLE experiences. Such as those I just said. With my aunt, during one summer, I baked a batch of cupcakes, helped make Vietnamese pancakes (AKA, banh xeo),  make egg salad, uhh..., and other stuff. But WhYY??!?!?!
ANYWAYS! Sometimes, especially once, when I went into a book store, there was a cook book about desserts. I asked my mom to buy it but she refused and said, something like, "No. We don't even have all the ingredients that are in the book.". *sigh* So, another non-experimental day..
Later on I was reading this book about your different moods and stuff. There was like a recipe called, "Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes". I realized, HEYY!! I wanna make this!!!! (BTW, before that, I use to search up pictures of cupcakes. Like for example, "mustache cupcakes". I DID SEARCH THIS UP BEFORE! xD)  But I couldn't. :( Sadly. I just moved to an apartment, and they didn't have an oven. We could only fit a fridge. A small one. :'( *sniff sniff*
So that is pretty much my cupcake phase Its gonna be here for awhile now. So if I suddenly start talking about cupcakes, just remember...THE CUPCAKE PHASE! :) :D :P

BTW! On YouTube, "yoyomax12" does a lot of cupcake tutorials. Well, yea, I guess you can say that! She is really good! I'm addicted to her cupcake making videos! Actually, she is pretty good at mostly, like, I don't know, crafts? Well, she's good at cooking, and I saw some titles of some of her videos. I'm pretty sure quilling was one of them. Not sure if that is correct... xD Well watch her! It'll also help her get views! :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Viewer Updates!!!

Here are the views!!!!

Vietnam - 89
Canada - 11
Germany - 9
United States - 6
Malaysia - 6
Latvia - 2
Brazil - 1
Thailand - 1

*GASP* :O I got views from Thailand! And from LATVIA!! :O That's so cool! Actually, I don't even know where Latvia is. XD But it's a pretty unique name to me. Sounds like a nice place. :) I hope to see more different countries and stuff up here!!! YAY!!
Don't worry! I'll blog ya later! ;)
:) :D :P